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The Human Compass | Still on the Speeches

Rufus Return have made two CDs to date - "Still on the Speeches", their debut album and soon to be released "The Human Compass".

Details of these albums can be found below. You can also listen to some clips to give you an idea of our style, just click "play clip" next to the track you want to hear.

The Human Compass

The Human Compass

Our second album, "The Human Compass" will soon be released. More details about this album will then be added.

Track Listing

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Still On The Speeches

... Still On The Speeches

Recorded in 1999, "Still on the Speeches" was Rufus Returns' debut album. The intention of this recording was to give a flavour of Rufus Return Live. Even though the album was recorded in a studio, the band made a conscious effort to reproduce their "live" sound - what you hear is what you get!

Rufus Return maintained the spontaneity of this album by recording it all in just two days! Most of the tracks were recorded in one take. Only once did Brendan get asked to "take five"!

Read a review of our debut album.

Track Listing

1. Speeches 0:05  
2. Karly Boy / Callipe House 4:03 play clip
  'Karly Boy' - Andrew Purkiss (Cop. Con.)
  'Calliope House' - Dave Richardson (Gilderoy Music)
3. Solstice 5:09 play clip
  'The Solstice Reel' - Jason Little (Cop. Con.)
4. Kesh / Rakes 4:08 play clip
  'The Kesh Jig' - Trad.
  'The Rakes of Kildare' - Trad.
5. My Young Man / Rufus Rag 4:26 play clip
  'My Young Man' - Trad.
  'Rufus Rag' - Andrew Purkiss (Cop. Con.)
6. Brenda's & Nina's 4:47 play clip
  'Brenda's Polka' - Andrew Purkiss (Cop. Con.)
  'Indian Queen' - Trad.
7. Lark Rise 4:23 play clip
  Based on 'Lark in the Morning' - Trad.
8. Time To Ring Some Changes 3:05  
  Richard Thompson (Bug Music)
9. Cum 8 4:18 play clip
  'My Love is but a Lassie' - Trad.
  'Atholl Highlanders' - Trad.
  'Cock o' the North' - Trad.
10. Donald Set 4:08  
  'Aiken Drum' - Trad.
  'Boatie Rows' - Trad.
  'McJohns Trousers' - Trad.
11. 'Play Out' Polkas 2:44  
  'Getting Up Stairs' - Trad.
  'Pleasures of the Town' (3 round 3) - Trad.
12. French Canadian 3:42 play clip
  'Gigue d'Osca' - Trad.
  'Gigue de la Bolduc' - Trad.

All tracks arranged by Rufus Return.

Andrew Purkiss Accordion, Electric Guitar, Backing Vocals
Nina Reeves Violin, Backing Vocals
Lisa Purkiss Descant Recorder, Lead Vocals
Brendan Reeves    Bass Guitar, Accoustic Guitar, Mandolin, Lead Vocals
Phil Wood Drums, Percussion

Recorded and mixed at "The Garage", Portsmouth University, May 1st-3rd 1999.

Our thanks go to:
Trevor Meek and Ahmed, Portsmouth Student Union Canteen for the lunchtime entertainment, Our parents - with special thanks to Chris, Simon and Jo for all their PR work, Jo Rhian for having confidence in us, Nina's eyebrows, Wendy - number one roadie.